What started out as a small screen printing shop serving our wonderful community, an idea began to develop for offering full merchandise services catering not just to the entertainment and clothing company industry, but for other artisans needing a way to create, produce, and sell. A team was put together with each of us specializing in all that we wanted to be able to offer. Most importantly, we knew leaving all of the ground work and development to us would be the way to go, all the while maintaining the highest form of consistent work and service. This would enable our clients to focus on what they do best.

MerchCave provides a full spectrum of merchandise services dedicated to expedient quality. Located in Nashville, TN, our team has years of experience in merchandising, design, and production. Let our positive and friendly staff make both you and your customers happy with the end product. Our clients are the brilliant minds behind the work. And to be a part of that……..nothing else comes close.

Adam Tanaka
Founder, UFO Enthusiast


Ava Puckett
Social Media, Marketing Coordinator


Daniel Pujol
Artist Services


Drew Holden
Graphic Design


The Hype